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SANTINT TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL is an industry leader and specialise in the manufacturing and serving of mixing and tinting machines. Santint products include two sides. One is the automotive refinish mixing machines, the other is the decorative paint dispensers and mixers.

The mixers have been exclusively featured with innovative technologies and patents. Today, SANTINT TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL mixers have occupied a substantial large market share of paint mixing machines in the world and come with a 12 month guarantee.

Dr Dongdong Jiang, director of F and D technologies has a long history with paint tinting and mixing machines. He worked as a sales representative of Santint machines before. He bought F and D Technologies in 2010 and became the sole supplier of the quality Santint products in South Africa.


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Paints Automatic Dispensers Machine A4

The A4 provides automatic sequential dispensing through a carousel system. High accuracy, recalibration free, reliable, and durable with a low maintenance cost. The A4 is the ideal choice for small and medium dispensing requirements.

G360 Gyro Mixers

G360 Gyro Mixers

G360 Gyro Mixer Leading Technology automatic gear-shifting One button operation Smart and smarter Tri-directional sliding door

M3 Manual Dispeners Tinting Machines

With a combination of large and small pumps for high efficiency and accuracy, the two pumps work together. Quality material for high accuracy and reliability A flexible, reliable

Many well known paint manufacturers such as AkzoNobel International use the Santint machine. Being the machines of choice for such a large and reputable company shows the trust the industry place in Santint products.

Kansai Plascon and Medal Paints are just two examples of local manufacturers who use Santint equipment in their processes.

80% of F and D Technologies business comes from the paint manufacturing industry while the further 20% is in retail, but Dr. Jiang says his products are well suited for use by paint retailers.

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