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iService Nigeria with over 10 years experience in the Apple Repair market, is  Nigeria’s leading experts in this ever growing industry. The company repair, service and sales of Apple product spare parts and accessories. With this vast portfolio at our disposal we offer an unrivalled service in consultation, repairs and after service. In short iService Nigeria believes to have the technical knowledge most experienced engineers, Mac Certified Technician and experienced customer focused team in the Nigeria today.

We believe in repair and service efficiency, the laptop repair industries have experience quite a lot of problem in the last few year ranging from parts availability and technical know how to fix different products. Sadly many customers have been disappointed by many companies and service centres. In this basis iService come in as a bridge between the manufacturer and you, we have small versions of the industrial machines that manufacture the boards of all Apple Product like Mac Book, iMac, iPad, iPhone and other circuit peripherals, with this we are able to change unchangeable parts that makes you buy another main board, putting us as number 1 in the industry.

We offer component level repairs on all makes and models of Apple laptops and all model of iMac on the market. Our team of skilled and certified engineers have many years experience in motherboard electronics. Our usual turn around on laptop repairs is from 1-5 days depending on how severe the problem is. We are open seven days for laptop repairs. Our mission is to be the BEST APPLE REPAIR CENTER in Nigeria and west Africa. Rare Apple product bought in other countries can also be repaired at our workshop. We will never charge our customers for motherboard parts. Motherboard parts such as diodes or capacitors transistors integrated circuits or fuses are cheap.

We can fix most logic board and component failures quickly and at a reasonable price.