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Byteworks, a fast growing software and technology company laden with smart and committed young programmers, entrepreneurs, business men/women; management consultants, project managers, scientists and diverse expertise. If you are smart and love challenges, visit our careers page.

At, Byteworks we value excellence, commitment, innovation and integrity. High quality in all things is preserved, knowledge rules supreme! We are driven by a common vision and Goal. Here, we work as a team and also have fun!

We are an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) on Revenue Systems; Biometric based identity systems and bespoke Enterprise and client Software. We design and build Identity Management solutions for different industry segments from e-Government to Income Tax industry solutions. Our technology scope includes Apps, Systems Integrations, Enterprise Systems Design, Enterprise Solutions on Web/Offline technologies.

We are an indigenous software firm based in Nigeria; and with a focus to Exporting our solutions; designed and manufactured with global standards for export.

We offer actionable ideas, insights and recommendations tailored to each company’s specific needs: by combining software and technology; throughout all stages of business growth, from start-ups to established companies. Byteworks is a leading provider of software solutions to companies and institutions in the private, public and non-profit sectors. We provide our clients with the knowledge, necessary to help solve their business problems and work with them to meet current business needs, while preparing for future challenges.

If you want to work with a team that understands your industry, knows your business intimately and offers profitable solutions while minimizing risks, connect with us.

At Byteworks, we help companies develop strategic and profitable solutions to domestic and global expansion and product development. Our team offers significant knowledge and industry expertise to the full spectrum of professional services, including Identity management and electronic enumeration services for government organizations. Among our many success stories include: the registry for Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), the Enugu land use charge, Biometric capture services for the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and Internal Revenue management solutions, across all four ICS deployments including: Gombe, Abia, Anambra and Enugu State Governments which have successfully generated over 18.91 billion naira in revenue, which enables state governments manage, control and monitor tax collection in real-time.