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Authentic Roofing

Authentic Roofing tiles Nigeria Ltd is a new technology intensive enterprise, integrated with scientific research, production, design, market, technology, quality and service.

We have a lot of Roofing Material dealers in different states of Nigeria. Through many years practices and effort, we have occupied a very leading position on the roofing material market, guiding the development direction of quality colored stone coated steel roofing sheets industry.

Our company have good quality producing management system, and executed to everyone in the company. In addition, we have very specific quality policy, and set the quality center, thus we can have an overall management on the quality information sharing, guidance, supervising. Authentic roofing tiles Nig Ltd guarantee of the quality roofing services and roofing material sales .

We produce whole series roof system materials with the most professional construction team, to provide customers with the most quality service. You will enjoy the one-stop service at our company from the tender design, materials choosing, cost measurement, construction, technical guidance and the follow-up services.

Our Hi-Tech Aluminum and Stone Coated Roofing Tiles factory produces very high quality and variety products as well as achieve higher production capacity in our market space

Our warehouses corporate offices and sales offices located across Nigeria ensures instant reach to our customers and prompt delivery of our products.

We practically and effectively use our professional experiences to give our customers optimum satisfaction on any business, project or supply handled

Long term performance is one thing that sets Authentic Roofing Tiles apart from other stone coated tiles. For example, our unique advanced manufacturing techniques ensure that our stone chip remains attached to our tiles for a lifetime. we employ the experience & expertise gained over the years in our advanced manufacturing technology.

At Authentic roofing tiles we have the capacity to sell and supply variety of quality roofing material to wholesaler, retailer and individuals with 30 years warrantee all over the country.